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We envision a world where parents of LGBTQ+ kids effortlessly discover the perfect summer camp experiences where joy, acceptance, and unforgettable memories take center stage. Imagine every LGBTQ+ kiddo and their allies not only finding a safe and affirming camp but also a space that celebrates their individuality, fosters lifelong friendships, and ignites a journey of self-discovery. That’s the dream we’re creating – happy parents, happy campers, and summers filled with growth, joy, and belonging!


At the heart of our mission is a commitment to simplifying your journey as a parent, connecting you with the very best and most affirming summer camps for your LGBTQ+ children and their allies.

We’re like your personal camp concierge, curating an exceptional directory and spotlighting LGBTQ+ affirming camps. What sets us apart is our relentless dedication to inclusivity. We ensure the information is always up-to-date and reliable, providing resources to help both parents and camps embrace best practices in LGBTQ+ affirmation. We’re your ally in creating a summer experience that goes beyond expectations.

Our commitment goes beyond mere connections. We’re actively engaged in creating safe, affirming spaces where LGBTQ+ children can truly thrive – exploring, learning, and creating lifelong memories. Join us on this journey because every child deserves a summer filled with joy, connection, and affirmation. Together we can make it happen!










A bit about Jennifer Boudrye,
Founder of Queer Camp Fair

Jennifer Boudrye (she/her) is:

  •  Mom to adult kids, two of whom are queer
  • An educator, district administrator & librarian with more than 30 years of experience
  • A former camper and camp mom
  • An ally & advocate working to create safe communities for LGBTQ+ people

Jennifer’s journey into supporting parents began in 1996 as the producer and host of the radio talk show, “Discovering Kids,” on WILM News Radio in Wilmington, DE. After moving back to her hometown in Maryland, she shifted gears in 1997 when frustration fueled her to create her first online directory for parents. Trying to find activities and events for her children, aged 7, 6, and 1, led to the birth of Family NetSource, hailed by The Washington Post as “the most comprehensive directory for families in Montgomery County, MD.”

Founder of Queer Camp Fair, Jennifer, smiling and leaning against a rail

Now, as the driving force behind the Queer Camp Fair, Jennifer is once again answering the call of parents seeking information and resources for their children. 

Through her company, Parent with C.A.R.E., Jennifer empowers parents and allies of LGBTQ+ youth through personalized coaching, workshops, and engaging presentations. Drawing from her rich experiences as a parent of three now adult children, including one proudly identifying as bisexual, and a bonus parent to a transgender man, Jennifer seamlessly blends professional expertise with personal insight.

Jennifer is on a mission to help people become the most affirming, enthusiastic allies LGBTQ+ children need and deserve. She believes in providing more than just information; she’s creating a supportive community where parents can navigate the unique challenges of raising LGBTQ+ youth with compassion, awareness, respect, and empathy (C.A.R.E.). Jennifer envisions a world that is safe and affirming for all of our children and she believes supporting parents on their unique journey is a path to make that world a reality.