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Why should our camp invest in an enhanced listing on Queer Camp Fair?

If you have kids at your camp, you have queer kids at your camp.

Families of LGBTQ+ youth:

  • Are exhausted by the worry & fear of sharing and/or protecting their kids’ identities
  • Want to easily find the right fit camp for their children – they are busy!
  • Expect their kids to have a positive, fun, safe, camp experience

Families of LGBTQ+ allied youth:

  • Want to find camps that are inclusive of all children
  • Are looking for camps that embrace individuality
  • May want to attend camp with their LGBTQ+ friends and family


  • Are looking for great kids to fill their rosters
  • Want to partner with families who align with their camp’s mission & values
  • Need to be discovered 

Why list your camp now? 

  • Enhanced Listing Renewal: By securing an enhanced listing for Summer 2024, you solidify your camp’s position as a founding member within our growing community. Our analytics indicate a promising trajectory with a diverse audience interested in inclusive camp experiences. Renewing at the same tier and rate for Summer 2025 ensures continued exposure at a predictable cost, potentially reaching even more families seeking LGBTQ+ affirming camps. If you decide to upgrade your listing tier for 2025 you will be able to do so at 2024 rates.
  • Training Opportunities: Investing in custom staff training sessions demonstrates your commitment to creating an inclusive environment. These tailored sessions can significantly enhance your team’s ability to support LGBTQ+ youth, increasing camper satisfaction and staff cohesion over the long term. As a Gold or Rainbow level camp, you qualify for a 15% discount, maximizing the return on your investment.
  • Extended Social Reach: We have invested in optimizing the site’s development to reach the widest possible audience. Moreover, several individuals are eager to share the site with their social media and newsletter audiences, potentially reaching tens of thousands of people beyond our organic reach and marketing efforts. The overwhelmingly positive reception prior to launch underscores the demand and necessity for such a resource among parents.
  • Invitations to Family Workshop Presentations: All Sliver, Gold and Rainbow level cams will receive VIP invites to our exclusive online presentations offering valuable insights and resources to enhance camp experiences for families. While the immediate impact cannot be quantified, participating in these sessions fosters a sense of community and belonging among camp families, potentially leading to increased retention and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Exclusive Rainbow Listing Bonus: Securing a Rainbow Listing positions your camp as a leader in LGBTQ+ inclusivity, offering increased visibility and a free customized presentation for your camp families. The first 5 camps to take advantage of this offer will receive a customized presentation to prepare camp families for the best summer camp experience possible!
Are there risks in listing our camp on Queer Camp Fair?

Some camps have expressed concern that being identified as an LGBTQ+ affirming and inclusive camp may cause some families to object and decide not to send their children to that camp. Yes, that’s a possibility. But we have to ask, is it really a loss, and for whom? If you are welcoming families who are anti-LGBTQ+, can you truly ensure that LGBTQ+ campers and families will be safe and welcome at your camp? We firmly believe many families are seeking LGBTQ+ affirming camps and will be thrilled to find you on Queer Camp Fair!

Is Queer Camp Fair only for “Queer Camps”?

No!  You may not necessarily market your camp as a “queer camp” and we know that many, many camps are actively ensuring that LGBTQ+ campers are safe, welcome, and affirmed. Parents of queer kids are looking for camps they can trust to support and affirm their kids. Queer parents want to know that they are also welcome in your camp family, and parents of LGBTQ+ allied children are seeking the same assurance that all campers will be welcome. Your listing in Queer Camp Fair is an assurance to all families that you are proactively stating your affirmation of LGBTQ+ children.

How do I prove that I am an LGBTQ+ affirming camp?

First, your willingness to list your camp on the Queer Camp Fair is a huge signal to families that you are affirming. Second, you will be asked to agree to our statement of affirmation on your listing application. We encourage you to list your camp’s statement of affirmation in your camp description.

My camp is a non-profit, do you provide discounts?

We’re pleased to offer your camp a complimentary static listing on Queer Camp Fair. Additionally, we encourage you to explore our enhanced listing option. For many camps, the investment in an enhanced listing proves to be substantially outweighed by the benefits of attracting just one additional camper who may not yet be aware of your camp.

How else can Queer Camp Fair help my camp?

Great question! We want this partnership to benefit your camp staff and families well beyond your listing in Queer Camp Fair. Jennifer Boudrye, the driving force behind the Queer Camp Fair is a parent educator, coach, and corporate trainer with expertise in helping people learn about, connect with, and celebrate LGBTQ+ youth. She is available to provide training for your staff and information sessions for your families. Gold and Rainbow tier camps will receive a 15% discount on all staff training. Please contact Jennifer at to explore this option.


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