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What is Queer Camp Fair?

Queer Camp Fair is more than just a camp directory; it’s a curated platform with a profound purpose—to offer you, as parents, a wide selection of LGBTQ+ affirming experiences for your children. I grew up going to camp and am a mom to kids who thrived in camp settings, so I truly understand the profound impact these experiences can have on a child’s growth and sense of self. I now work as an educator, coach, and speaker helping people overcome misunderstanding and confusion about LGBTQ+ identities. I developed Queer Camp Fair in response to parent requests for help in finding the best camps for their kids. You can learn more about me here. 

How can I be sure that the camps on Queer Camp Fair are really LGBTQ+ affirming?

As a mom to queer adults and as a 30+ year educator and librarian, I know how vital it is to have a reliable resource. Every camp listed in Queer Camp Fair is vetted and each has agreed to the following statement: 

Our camp is committed to providing a safe, affirming, and inclusive environment for all campers and staff regardless of gender or sexual identity or expression. We encourage campers and staff to be and express themselves as their authentic selves without fear of retribution, discrimination, or harm.

We are dedicated to connecting you with camps that not only welcome, but celebrate your child’s unique identity. Whether they’re exploring their passions, forging lifelong friendships, or embarking on new adventures, we’re here to ensure that every experience is affirming and transformative.

You have my assurance that if it is determined at any time that a camp is not living up to this promise they will be removed from Queer Camp Fair.

Is Queer Camp Fair only for “Queer Camps”?

No!  Many camps don’t identify as a “queer camp” and we know that many, many camps are actively ensuring that LGBTQ+ campers are safe, welcome, and affirmed. We know that parents of queer kids are looking for camps they can trust to support and affirm their kids. Queer parents want to know that they are also welcome in the camp family, and parents of LGBTQ+ allied children are seeking the same assurance that all campers will be welcome. A listing in Queer Camp Fair is an assurance to all families that the camp is proactively stating its affirmation of LGBTQ+ children and families. We believe that a camp that is affirming and inclusive of LGBTQ+ children is a camp that is safe and welcoming for ALL children. 

Does it cost anything to find a camp on Queer Camp Fair?

No! Queer Camp Fair is free for families to utilize in their camp search. Camps determine which listing tier they want to invest in to have a presence on Queer Camp Fair. 

What else does Queer Camp Fair do?

Queer Camp Fair was created in response to parents requesting information and camp resources from founder, Jennifer Boudrye. Through her company, Parent with C.A.R.E., Jennifer helps people overcome misunderstandings and confusion about LGBTQ+ identities through coaching, workshops, and speaking. Camps that list on Queer Camp Fair have the opportunity to engage Jennifer for trainings and workshops for their families and staff. 

If you are interested in working with Jennifer or bringing her to speak with an organization, company, or group please reach out!

What does it mean if a camp is unclaimed?

Our goal is to include all of the LGBTQ+ affirming camps in North America to make Queer Camp Fair truly comprehensive and inclusive. All camps currently listed have either been recommended to us, or we found them and believe them to be LGBTQ+ affirming.

We have asked each camp to claim their listing and confirm their commitment to supporting and welcoming queer kids and families. There is no charge for a camp to claim their listing. 

If a camp listing remains “unclaimed” it simply means that the camp hasn’t taken the time to confirm their listing. If your favorite camp remains unclaimed, please encourage them to claim their listing, or to contact me so I can help! 


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