How to List a Camp

If your camp already has a listing in our directory, please Claim the Listing through the original listing.

Claim Your Camp Listing!

If your camp is not listed, register and select a Silver, Gold, Rainbow or Static Listing from the “List a Camp” page.

If your camp is listed (see the directory) and is available to be Claimed

Click the “Claim Now!” Button

If your camp listing has already been claimed, but not by you, email and we will confirm the ownership of the listing.

You must be registered and logged in to claim your camp. 

Register as a Queer Camp Fair user with the same email address you will list on your camp listing – this email will be the Verification information required to have your listing approved by Queer Camp Fair.

Verify Your Camp Listing

  • Enter the full name of the Camp Contact
  • Camp Contact phone number
  • Verification Details
    • Camp Name
    • The same email you used to register for Queer Camp Fair
  • Select the tier for your camp listing
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Rainbow
    • Static  

You may click the “Show plan details” link to open a new window if you need to review the plan details but do not select the plan from that page, it will take you out of this system and create an entirely new listing. Simply close that window and submit to continue to claim your listing.

As soon as Queer Camp Fair verifies your listing claim your listing will appear as “Pending” on your dashboard.

As soon as your listing is verified and payment confirmed, you will see that your listing has been published.

This may take up to 24 hours.

From your dashboard you can edit your listing content at any time.