Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • All listings on Queer Camp Fair are pre-paid, annual listings
  • You may cancel your listing at any time, but no refunds will be provided for cancellations for any reason.
  • If you cancel your listing you may request that your listing be removed from Queer Camp Fair at the time of cancellation, otherwise, your listing will remain until the annual listing term expires
  • If, at any time, it is determined by Queer Camp Fair or Jennifer Boudrye, that you have misrepresented your camp’s safety and affirmation of LGBTQ+ campers or staff your listing will be removed and no refund will be provided.

To request cancellation, please email info@queercampfair.com

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Please allow 72 hours for listings to be removed from Queer Camp Fair

Disclaimer of Liability

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Privacy Policy

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